A great spectacle and records at the National Stadium!

63 thousand fans at the stands is a new record for the National Stadium! This many volleyball fans watched the Polish representation’s triumphant game that opened the FIVB World Championship, organised by the Polish Volleyball Association. The match was broadcasted by Polsat TV station.

The Polish team defeated Serbia 3:0. At the same time, the high attendance was the absolute record in the history of volleyball worldwide! Among the fans there was also the one millionth guest of the National Stadium this year!

We have seen one of the biggest sporting events this year. The Polish audience, which filled up the National Stadium like never before, accompanied the Polish representatives in their first victory in the World Championship. 63 thousand fans were an advantage not to be wasted. After an amazing game in a gigantic volleyball venue the Poles confidently beat the Serbs 3 to 0, in sets won to
19, 18 and 18. So many spectators make for the highest attendance at an official volleyball match. It is also the record attendance for the National Stadium.

Having so many fans in one place at the National Stadium was possible thanks to construction of special stands in the pitch field. However, the event was special not only due to its high status in sports, but also due to the fact that an opening match took place at the enormous multi-functional arena of the National Stadium.

— We could not have dreamt a better opening for the World Championship. We saw the best that volleyball has to offer. A match at the National Stadium is an extraordinary experience. To gather so many fans together around the field is absolutely incredible. It is the perfect venue for such games. I am delighted — says
Richard Baker, the Press Department Director at FIVB.

The match at the National Stadium was watched not only by the crowds gathered inside the arena. The TV broadcast attracted viewers from 160 countries. Apart from the elaborate championship opening ceremony, viewers abroad also got a chance to see the National Stadium and Warsaw. Once again, Poland has shown that it is the perfect host for all international sporting events.

— In 2012, we hosted UEFA Euro 2012; today, the eyes of the entire volleyball world were upon us. We are happy that an event of such importance for all volleyball fans took place at the National Stadium. Once again, we were able to prove that the multifunctional arena managed by us is among the world’s top venues — says
Mikołaj Piotrowski, spokesman for PL.2012+, the administrator of the National Stadium.

One more record was set today at the National Stadium. The triumph of the Polish team was seen by our one millionth guest this year.

The preparations of the Stadium for the opening match took six days. A week ago today, the stadium hosted an athletics competition, during which Usain Bolt completed his race at 9.98 s, setting the new indoor world record. A week before that, worldwide football stars — Real Madrid and Fiorentina — faced each other on the field of the National Stadium. Right after FIVB Men’s World Championship Poland 2014 at the National Stadium, preparations for the Indoor Windsurfing World Cup will commence. An enormous pool, 90 m x 33 m, will be placed in the arena and 34 fans will produce wind for the windsurfers, with gusts of up to 70 kmph.


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